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Exam Postponed-NRT 2021

Hello Students!
I can understand your concern regarding the exam but due to some students who are simultaneously having some school and college exams we have postponed on their request, because we weren’t sure till now to postpone the exam but the majority of the students requested it. So we will contact all the students with the next dates in a short time. Sorry for the Inconvenience cause. We have update to all students who have registered on succeedo for Nrt-2021 through mail so kindly check it!
Thank you 

Team NRT

"An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

What is National Reward Test(NRT)?

In the simple words, a scholarship is an award-money for students to aid their education at various levels- private, public, school, college or universities. National Reward Test (NRT) is a reward-based exam for the youngest and brightest minds of India conducted by Succeedo. NRT helps the students to be limitless and provide limitless opportunities as they don’t have to worry about any educational debt. There are various types of scholarship like Merit-based, Need-based, Student-specific, career-specific etc.

"This is your chance to show your will power!"

Prove yourself and make your parents proud!


We are living in a world, where to earn money is a tricky job. We have seen many students who had to give up their dreams because of financial or financial debt problems.

But National Reward Test(NRT) helps that the same does not happen to you and that is where the online Reward test helps.

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Succeedo National Reward wants you to design your own future because “Your the master of your own destiny”

So, rather than spending time on social media, video streaming platforms Spend time on yourself growth! 


  • It makes you financially independent so that you can concentrate on your studies and move ahead in your life.
  • It protects you from unnecessary debts, which results in stress-free life. Believe me, financial independence is the ultimate form of freedom.
  • It brings you all the appreciation and respect.
  • And if you wanna be your own decision-maker, then go for reward exams.
    Plus, it offers many better career options for example like moving aboard.

Do participate in this online scholarship exam. Accept the challenge. Be your own competitor. Rise above the limits, touch the sky and come out with flying colors. Make this world a better place to live. NRT is here for you, by your side. Trust us and move ahead in your life with your head held high. Our motto is very selfless, as our ultimate motto is to see the future of India in better hands. And you the students, are the future of India. So, do not let go of this opportunity. Join hands with team of National Reward Test(NRT). Dream big with us. Let’s flourish and prosper.

Why you need National Reward Test?

National reward test(NRT) is organized by Succeedo which works to provide better opportunities to students. Our organization helps the students pursue their passion and gain knowledge. They provide students with financial help through organizing this online scholarship test with scholarship amount worth upto 10 lakhs*. The opportunity we provide to the participants, the challenges we put before them, helps them to train their minds and makes them learn new things. As long as one is willing to learn, one can earn because knowledge is the power.

The Agenda of Succeedo!

  1. To provide aid to the most number of students.
  2. Teach them to dream and then living it.
  3. To make students independent.
  4. To secure a better future for them.
  5. To provide limitless opportunity to students to LEARN & EARN.
  6. To make them certain values so that they turn out to be more responsible human beings.
Total Reach
Total Scholarships
Total Ciies

Prizes & Scholarships*

For Senior Category

1 1.50 Lakh
2 50000
3 25000
4 15000
5 15000
6 10000
7 10000
8 5000
9 5000
10 5000

For Junior Category

1 35000
2 30000
3 25000
4 15000
5 10000
6 7000
7 6000
8 5000
9 4000
10 4000

Participants upto 500 Rank will get prizes for sure .

Participants upto 1000 Rank will get National Level Merit Certificates from Succeedo. All the participants will get Nation Level Participation Certificate.

Note – All Prizes are in INR.

Exam Eligibility

This NRT scholarship exam is a national level examination conducted, for all the students starting from the classes 10th to P.H.D.

categories are classified into

Junior category (Class 7th to Class 12th)

Senior Category (12th Pass, Diploma, U.G, P.G, P.H.D)

Therefore the above-mentioned students are eligible to participate in the scholarship exam.


Registration for for national reward test (NRT)

Assured Cash Rewards

Upto 100% cash rewards

Appear for online national test

Online Tests with Set Exam Pattern

Hassle-free online test experience

Assess yourself before National Reward Test(NRT)

Reports Analysis

Get the performance report for your test. In which your competing all over India

Curated by Best Educators

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Competion at National Reward Test(NRT)

Understand Your Comparative Performance

Know where you stand with the peer comparison report.

Independence from debt because of national reward test 2021

Independed Students

To make students independent.

Important Dates For NRT-2021

Last Date To Apply – Yet to be decided

E-ADMIT CARD Date –  Yet to be decided

THE DATE OF EXAMThe exam has been postponed due to some students server issues

Will have sent mails to all the registered students

Hurry up !!! Apply now!!! Limited seats available!!! Grab the best opportunity!!! Apply Here

Think and Register

What you usually get in Rs 250/-

  1. It’s just a paradise of 1-2hr(Later its a regret)
  2. Full-day low energy due to screen time!
  3. Time-wasting in youth years.

What we have to offer you in Rs 250/-

1.Life Long satisfaction of wining all over India

2. Parents happiness is all we students need! 

3. No unnecessary debts due to cash prize!

4.Financial freedom because of no debts and rewards!

5.Get to know where you stand in all over India

The Journey of National Reward Exam

Registration for for national reward test (NRT)


Enroll for National Reward Test on the website/app.

Prepare for nrt-2021

Prepare for NRT

Start preparing for the Test with Doubt Solving Videos and Previous Year Papers.

Appear for online national test

Appear for NRT

Attempt the test on  29th August 2021 (10 am onwards) and compete with all India peers.

Checking and Wining the national reward test

Check results

View Detailed topic-wise analysis of test performance and rewards won!

Other Benefits from National Reward Test (NRT)

The other important feature of National Reward Test(NRT) is the transparency it offers. The exam is conducted online and the assessment, selection is done by a software. So, the exam is free from all the biases and prejudices, providing a fair-chance to all the students. Thus, National Reward Test(NRT) can be trusted. The National Reward Test(NRT) even has its strategies to help the students and the families to pay for their further studies. Rather than buried in endless debts, you can get a college paid for simply by cracking this online Reward test!!!

GO FOR NRT-2021.


Most frequent questions and answers

National Reward Test (NRT) is an exam for students to take stand for their dream with the help of knowledge they have! Our main aim is to provide the rewards to the students so that he can prove him/herself to the world.

Yes, its a genuine site whose aim to reward the brightest minds of the nations! Succeedo conducts National reward test(NRT) every year to reward the students. NRT helps students to stay focus on studies without any educational debt by providing the rewards. 

Succedo helps you by

  • It makes you financially independent so that you can concentrate on your studies and move ahead in your life.
  • It protects you from unnecessary debts, which results in stress-free life. Believe me, financial independence is the ultimate form of freedom.
  • It brings you all the appreciation and respect.
  • And if you wanna be your own decision-maker, then go for reward test.Plus, 

National reward test (NRT) is a national level reward test that helps students to take the first step towards their goal of becoming a doctor or an engineer by providing them with an opportunity to get up to 100% rewards and cash awards. NRT helps students to know their potential at All India Level and prepare under the expert guidance of Succeedo, India’s most trusted name in Rewards. 

To apply for national reward test conducted by succeedo you need to click on Apply Now anywhere on the website it will redirect you to registeration and you can apply and make your parents proud!

NRT helps you to get the best of yourself for which you the get the cash reward for your rank! And when you get a national level rank obviously your parents feel proud! so, what are you waiting for register and start studying before its too late and make yourself and your parents PROUD!

 Yes, candidates need to pay online a nominal fee of Rs. 250/- to register themselves for NRT.

In the time of Covid-19 its an open online exam.
You can write it at your home with Web/Phone/Tablets