About us

Succeedo National reward test is an Indian-based company that wants to encourage young minds to get the reward which they deserve by conducting National Reward Test(NRT). Also to stay ahead this cash-reward helps the students to be debt-free and financially freedom.

Succeedo's Aim

In India there is a lot of talented students according to most people but, according to Succeedo all Students are talented because god has given talent to each and everyone! 
We here aim to give the best scholarship & reward in a fair way which helps the students to grow their talent and become successfull !

We live in a world, where to get money is a tricky job. We have seen many students who had to give up their dreams because of financial problems. But National Reward Test(NRT) wish the same does not happens to you and that is where online scholarship test helps.



  • It makes you financially independent so that you can concentrate on your studies and move ahead in your life.
  • It protects you from unnecessary debts, which results in stress-free life. Believe me, financial independence is the ultimate form of freedom.
  • It brings you all the appreciation and respect.
  • And if you wanna be your own decision-maker, then go for scholarship exams.
    Plus, it offers many better career options for example like moving aboard 

Get Success from SUCCEEDO!

Our Vision


As an organization, our vision is to determine and recognize the abilities and talents of students. Help them to boost their learning skills by participating in competitive exam. We want to stand apart among the crowd of multiple groups who aid the students with reward & scholarships.

Our vision towards succeedo
Competion at National Reward Test(NRT)

Our Mission


Organize a platform for young talented students to exhibit their learning knowledge and earn worthy scholarships by participating in National Reward Test (NRT). Provide a golden opportunity to brilliant and talented students of country to pursue their passions. Encourage them to develop new innovative skills make great effort to contribute towards nation.


Our Values


We believe in sincerity and transparency. We operate to contribute in growth of nation by upholding an unbiased platform for students where they can show their sincerity, dedication and hard work to attain resources needed for their better future.



Succeedo is an organization, which provide a platform to students who wants to showcase there ability of competitiveness and increases potential in performing efficiently in their preferred stream and earn various cash based scholarships. NRT is an association who are conducting this exam from recent months under succeedo, and already provided many scholarships to students. We have a worthy family of 15000 students.

We totally understand the significance of money and are aware of difficulties and problems arise in the way of equipping oneself with the correct knowledge and wisdom. Therefore our organization always support and stand beside them who wants to pursue their passion. National Reward Test (NRT) is an Online Competitive MCQ based Exam, to evaluate the depth of student knowledge and reward them with Cash Scholarship worth of 10Lakh and more. Through our initiative we try to communicate that as

 long as you learn you can earn, because knowledge is the key to better future.

So, if you have the spark within you? If you wish to shine? If you need the head start to accomplish you aim? Get on board with us, show us that you’re worthy and we shall stand up for you.

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