About National Reward Test-2021

National Reward Test(NRT) is organized by Succeedo which works to provide better opportunities to students. Our organization helps the students pursue their passion and gain knowledge. They provide students with financial help through organizing this online scholarship test with a scholarship amount worth up to 10 lakhs. The opportunity we provide to the participants, the challenges we put before them, helps them to train their minds and makes them learn new things. As long as one is willing to learn, one can earn because knowledge is the power.

National Reward Test (NRT) is a national level reward test that helps students to take the first step towards their goal of becoming a doctor or an engineer by providing them with an opportunity to get up to 100% reward and cash awards. NRT helps students to know their potential at All India Level and prepare under the expert guidance of Succeedo, India’s most trusted name. NRT 2021 will be conducted in Online mode.

All You Need To Know About NRT 2021

Eligibility for NRT


Classes VII, VIII, IX, X, XI & XII

(The exam is prepared in a way where you have no age competition!)

Exam date for NRT

Exam Date

Nrt postponed due to some students having corresponding exams of their collage and schools

timer watch as a exam duration for national reward test

Exam Duration

All Classes: 60 mins (1hr)

Exam Mode

All Classes : Mobile, Laptop & Tablet

Family of National Reward Test (NRT)

So if you attempt this online National reward test you turn out to be more CONFIDENT, INFORMED AND SMART PERSON which makes you ALLROUNDER as it covers every field of knowledge. The number of participants till now is 19000+. Keep working hard, National Reward Test(NRT) will sure reach you as its ultimate motto is to provide aid to the well-deserving, sincere, dedicated students. We are working towards the betterment of Nation, lets join hands and do it together. Together will make a better world.

How one get National Reward?

Being students the best way for you to get a national Reward is by being aware and through exceeding in your academics. There are all sorts of online Reward test available for you but one should keep the following questions in mind:

  1. Are you eligible for the online reward exam?
  2. Keep the deadline in mind of the Reward exam.
  3. Do you have all the necessary information like, academic records or proofs.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, candidates need to pay online a nominal fee of Rs. 250/- to register themselves for NRT


All students from classes X,XI and XII are eligible for NRT 2021, irrespective of their boards. This exam brings along the golden opportunity for everyone to test themselves against their all India peers and win rewards in the process. So, all students in classes 10th-12th  should hurry up and register for NRT 2021.

The final results for NRT 2021 will be announced on or before 4th August 2021.

Yes! With NRT 2021, students stand to win upto a 100% scholarship, awarded on the basis of their overall score. These scholarships will be awarded to all the bright minds!

NRT 2021 is an online exam. There is no hassle of going to any exam centre; you can attempt the test from the safety and comfort of home. You shall be provided with a set of login credentials, which you need to make use of to start the exam.

students are advised to use only a single device (laptop/desktop/mobile) and login for NRT. If any student is found using multiple login credentials to appear for the test, he/she will not be eligible for any scholarships and rewards.

You can easily resume the test from where you left.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for NRT

  • Do not try to change the current window, as it might terminate the test.
  • Do not try to switch tabs; it is prohibited during the exam.
  • Ensure stable internet connection and latest browser version before attempting the test.
  • Do not try to log in using multiple devices. It is strictly prohibited.
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